Why do AIs need a universal language?

"Speech is an I/O problem between humans and machines: People are incredible slow (..) there must be a universal language both artificial & human intelligences agree on as protocol."

Joe Rogan & Elon Musk March 2020

"Maybe who else? questions are a good universal grammar for AIs"

Make AIs talk to each other! - Tobias Martens at O'Reilly AI Europe

Scientific Background
Chomsky's Universal Grammar

We use grammar hard-wired in every human as shared language namespace for AIs.

Since the 1960s Noam Chomsky states with Universal Grammar (UG) theory that certain parts of human language appear to be hard-wired. In 2014 Max Planck researcher demonstrated that “Huh” can be considered as such a natural law in spoken communication. This proof later won the IG Nobel Prize in Alternative Science.

🌐 Wikipedia: Universal Grammar (UG)
🌐 Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics: Is "Huh" a universal word?

“who else?” questions are probably Universal Grammar too. We use this property as a data schema for the protocol and our service namespace. The idea is to make voice-commands comparable by providing an extremely simplified language as a common address system to dispatch user intents across AIs.