Universal Grammar for AI


A new standard for voice Internet

We make Siri and Alexa talk to each other!

whoelse.ai develops a unified language between human and artificial intelligence. Based on Noam Chomsky´s theory of “hard-wired” Universal Language we research an API design for a standardised grammar to encode natural language intents in a privacy-by-design machine language.

Our product is a marketplace for intents

We solve the bias problem of NLPs

Ask whatever you want. Intents are stored by the whoelse.ai API in a simplified protocol and dispatched to services. The vision: Supply chains explainable by a standardized language as protocol.


We enable OEMs to make NLPs interoperable

A namespace and universal grammar for AI

whoelse.ai provides an accounting framework for natural language-based information in AI. We unify how human language is processed and dispatched between different NLP APIs.

A unified language between NLP APIs

Learn more about our standardisation work

We currently setup international standard commissions that develop NLP API interoperability norms.


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