The Problem
Bias - every AI talks differently

Users don't know which questions voice assistants understand. Conversational AIs are hard to discover.

Our Idea
A unified language between human & artificial intelligence

Your wish is my command. We build the first AI marketplace for language-based requests (intents).

End Goal
Always find the best AI available

Voice assistants can be instantly localized. Users are guaranteed to talk to the AI most suited to answer.

The first app store for voice AI

Users ask with a single question multiple AIs. Voice assistants combine skills to respond to every kind of speech-based request.

Protocols for natural language encoding

AIs dispatch voice commands with a standardized naming convention and data schema.

1st Step
Public NLP industry standards

We support the development of industry standards for NLP API interoperability. Let's teach voice AIs to share intents!

Why now?
Every first contact will be a bot!

By 2025 more than 55 billion voice AIs will be in place. Every user will be surrounded by 5+ AIs. 62% of all searches will start as a voice command.

Intent marketplaces

The protocol makes intents transparently tradable between voice AI technology ecosystems. Like a Blockchain, but for language.

Namespace API
A simplified AI vocabulary

Voice assistants exchange intents by a simplified language in a shared namespace. Maybe we are the first-ever accounting chart for spoken content.

Standard Convention
Universal language as AI protocol

AI store natural language requests in grammar based on who else? questions as shared naming schema and protocol.

A brand faster recalled by all intelligences

The simplicity of this naming convention makes the protocol easy to understand for every user and all types of AI.

Scientific Background
Chomsky's Universal Grammar theory

He argues that certain semantics are perhaps „hard-wired in the brains" of every human.

Our Disovery
who else? shows properties of UG

It's a semantic concept grammatically similarly used all over the world and throughout the syntax of every language.

Let's build voice technologies that share intent

We now look for industrial AIs users and providers who want to combine capabilities and business models.

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