Transmission of language-based data
between artificial intelligences

Specification of parameters and format

Standard initiative for NLP interoperability


12/2018 DIN SPEC Connect Finalist
03/2019 Call for Partner
06/2019 Consortium Kick-Off
03/2020 Finalization
05/2020 Publication

Sandardization scope

The goal of DIN SPEC 2343 is to develop a harmonization proposal for Natural Language Processing (NLP) APIs. The DIN consortium currently consists of 12 industry partners.

The project was initiated by whoelse.ai, a German startup developing a unified language that can be later operated as a protocol between conversational AIs using the DIN SPEC 2343 standard specification.

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This document specifies a format with defined parameters for the transfer of speech-based data between different ecosystems. This is intended to ensure the interoperability of speech-based applications for industry users, open-source communities, and consumers, enable verification and traceability of data from speech-based applications and enable data access and privacy. The format and the parameters describe on the one hand the transmitted data, on the other hand, the necessary conditions for the interfaces of the ecosystems. This document does not describe the recognition and analysis of data within speech-based applications.